My Back Pain Coach Review – Does it Really Work?

my back pain coach review

In this article, we are going to guide you about My Back Pain Coach Review – Does it Really Work? Which will be very helpful to buy this product.

Are you finding something real and effective then My Back Pain Coach review will convince you how I got real results?

If so, this page is for you! I extremely suggest you keep reading and see at the results I got, I’m sure you’ll be shocked.

Here I have to clear one major thing about me, as I have been hurting from back pain for numerous years.

I remembered feeling pain ever since in high school and it is not a good time for me since I was a very energetic person in school. At such a young age, I was involved in pain back.

This pain truly has taken over my life and it affected me in multiple ways:

  • I couldn’t able to play sports like how I played before.
  • Exercising was making more difficult for me. Heck, even just walking at a fast pace.
  • I couldn’t sit very comfortably or stand for long hours anymore.

I determined to take matters into my personal hands and write this review myself because I truly wanted to view if this product was all it said it was!

My Back Pain Story And How It All Started:

Today we will let you know you about My Back Pain Coach Review: When you talk about stories of any sportsmen then it might make you emotional because every sportsman has a very painful story and the same goes for me.

A few years back I had a great time when I was playing sports like high jump, soccer, and basketball, I do feel a sharp sensation at my lower back when I sprint or jump.

I just cleaned it off because I imagined it was nothing significant. It wasn’t painful but quite irritating.

my back pain coach review

I always lay on my chair all day binge-watching TV shows and playing games while leaning my body to one side for a long time.

This problem was going on for almost a complete year.

My friend grabbed me and kicked my leg by accident. The pain moved from my thigh and right up to my lower back.

At that moment I considered paralyzed, I couldn’t really walk or stand accurately. I had to get help from the pillar or my friends.

It was surely a terrifying feeling for a teenage boy. Nothing I had ever felt before.

Whenever I came home that day and lie on the bed instantly. I even couldn’t move as I was in really dangerous pain.

The pain got more harmful in the following weeks. In my mind, it was just normal muscle pain so I appointed for a regular back massage to reduce the pain. At this point, nothing was really acting.

My parents just determined to bring me to an x-ray test. In this My Back Pain Coach Review, we will show you about each and every phase of this product.

The result? Hairline fractured on my lower spine from games and scoliosis from sitting with poor posture. I met the spine expert the following week and he told this.

Finding from your X-ray result, you can no longer do intense sports or massive lifting. This is a lifetime pain that you have to live with. We can recommend performing surgery but it is completely up to you. The only thing you can make is to increase your back muscle to help your bones.

 My Life Changed With My Back Pain Coach:

I have no words to say because it was a really critical time on me I was quite destructed, to be honest.

Being the stubborn person that I am, of course, I didn’t want to go for surgery like that Spinal surgery isn’t cheap as well.

The expert just guided me painkillers but it was just a short time solution just isn’t going to cut it.

I had spent a much time realigning my spine from scoliosis by going for treatment and helping my back pain, that’s about it.

The doctors frequently said that my back is way quite weak. My parents had to pay thousands of dollars to recover my pain every week.


This was going more than 4 years before I decide to take serious action on my own.

Let’s just say the therapies were much ineffective but I wasn’t going to give up. I know there has to be a plan to set this on my own without paying so much money.

It was time for me to GET BACK UP! I didn’t want to live my life like this. I am very young to be slacking at home when I should be out there being alive.

One day I was just found on Google for answers. One thing started to another and I tripped upon this website, My Back Pain Coach.

I was very skeptical about online buying but I have seen lots of reviews were wondrous and numerous people were cured. The website looks legitimate too.

Since I was paying thousands already, there’s no harm giving a little amount that can potentially cure me right?

I just have to examine and see what My Back Pain Coach is all about.

Turns out that the author, Ian Hart is very legitimate. A certified power and conditioning expert that has appeared in numerous magazines and TV shows.

He has supported thousands of clients from around the world to get out of pain without surgery or any kind of medication.

With the quite cheap price just only $37 and the program is available with a 60 days money-back guarantee, I have no problem providing a shot. If I don’t love it, anytime I can just ask for a refund. I got a discount when I purchased it the last time.

Here you can check out the discount:

This program is based on particular an 8-short movement that can be performed in 16 minutes to remove pain instantly, surely restore muscle balance and flexibility, and improve blood flow to the spine.

Upon spending for the program, you’ll get access to the member’s area where you can see all the best coaching videos.

After you are going to add to the program you’ll start fixing your back pain. There are three important training videos: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 with every video spanning 30 minutes lengthy.

The videos are quite clear and simple to follow. It is fit for all levels of pain, from mild to severe. You can ask your doctor if the pain insists after going through the program.

One thing that I love is the program addresses the neutral part of back pain, which numerous programs out there fail to perform so.

If you have any kind of questions or want help, you can surely contact with Ian and his team of expert health professionals.

The provided plan lasts for a few weeks. In my view, it is the right amount of time for a back to cure.

Remember one thing that results differ from person to person. You might feel fast relief in just 1 day but that doesn’t mean you are totally healed.

My Back Pain Coach Review – The Results:

Day 1 – 14: Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program

I woke up early in the morning and feeling the pain at my lower back. Getting out of bed is already tough. After my breakfast, I continued with Level 1 as it was suggested by the author Ian Hart, depending on how healthy your back is.

Everyone starts at Level 1.

The plan is to relax in the program and familiarize yourself with the movements. He insisted on getting the form right and giving extra attention to short muscles in our core.

By stimulating these micro muscle fibers, we can help the main muscle group that is already thin or quite a week.

He insisted that we work on it for at least 2-3 weeks before going on to the next level.

My back felt very weak when I go to straighten it in one of the workouts. I could the muscle working together.

Also, I had to make sure I take my food right or not. I require to have a proper well-balanced meal with enough protein to improve and strengthen the muscle.

Here are some examples of protein I use: chicken breast, egg white, high protein milk, greek yogurt, and lean beef, etc.

Apart from doing it, sleep is quite important for complete recovery too. I use to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night which would be really effective.

Starting days, it was hard for me. Like any program out there, the beginning is normally the most difficult part. I always stayed dedicated and determined in my life that,s help me to cure it.

After a week, I saw a big difference from before. It was less painful and I was easily able to bend down and reach my toes. It was quite wondrous honestly.

 Day 15-35: Increase Intensity

In the same direction, I need to perform level 2 for at least 3 weeks before going on. Every level enables you to constantly push yourself more from before, strengthening all the important muscle groups.

It’s not about getting it finished instantly but rather learning every technique down.

At this point, I am able to run and work light jumps without feeling any irritating pain.

Hardly I may still feel the pain when I carry massive stuff (I know I shouldn’t) and when I sit for long hours.

My mobility has surely enhanced drastically. Now I am feeling like a normal person again. My back is getting healthier day by day.

Day 36-Beyond – The Best Part

Level 3 is difficult but well deserving of it. I start to feel life without pain. I am surprised by how efficient these exercises and program as a whole.

A small tweak here and there from your movement makes plenty of difference.

I started the gym after using the 5 weeks of the program. It is not essential for anyone to do this program. It is just my choice and I wanted to get back into good shape.

I proceeded to apply through level 3 and I start applying weight for my back exercises. Nothing too serious.

The small pain does not hurt me as much anymore. When I complete the 3 weeks of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program, I’ll be returning back to sports activity.

To improve your understanding and to stimulate the healing process, two wondrous stuff is given as bonuses such as ‘Begin Your Day’ program and ‘Your Coaching’ videos.

These include a warm-up video, which should be done to target your neck, shoulder, and ankle before you start an exercise session to decrease the risk of injury.

The new sessions from Your Coaching assist you to understand the mind-body connection. The video will assist you in improving your training and making you more powerful than before. The My Back Pain Coach Review will guide you about the results.

My Back Pain Coach Review – My Final Thoughts:

It’s truly wonderful what a little investment can do for me! Finishing the program really supported me to get back on my feet. I mean I don’t want to say more I was shocked like that but I was rather grateful to have come across this amazing program.

Being able to live a normal life again and going back to do what fun is just wondrous. Nothing can prevent me now! ‘

Above all, forget all the costly rehab which I paid for and now don’t need to go for expensive surgery. Finally, no more medical bills!

As a result, I,m daily exercising at the gym and I feel much stronger than before. The best part is that I can even do massive squats and deadlift as well.

It’s terrifying to imagine someone who has a fractured spine lifting massive objects and going against the doctor’s request. It makes me feel like living as a completely new person again.

The program begins with a no questions asked 60-day money-back guarantee…. So surely you have nothing to lose if you want to give it a chance.

 I highly suggested it to everyone who wants to get rid of sciatica, golfers back, arthritis, spinal stenosis or lower back pain!

I strongly believe, no matter how old you are, you will see this product delivers you the expected results you want without those big medical bills from the doctor and risky medication!

It truly worked for me… I know it can work for you. So don’t think too much about it because as much as you think it can make you more confused just go and apply it.

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